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Engage Trusted Solutions

How We Add Value

Transparency Above All

In today’s fast, demanding, competitive marketplace, insights and disclosure for buyers and sellers have never been more important. BPA engagements are trusted around the world as objective, rigorous, and reliable. Our audits and independent certifications help marketers and brand owners trust complex business transactions, while assuring them the information informing those transactions is reliable and true.

Standards Matter

We help global industries mean what they say. Our work would be meaningless if our own standards were lacking. BPA Worldwide is an independent, not-for-profit, self-regulating organization governed by a tripartite board. Our Board of Directors sets auditing standards and organizational policies. Comprised of 12 marketer-and-advertising agency reps, and 11 media-owner reps, it oversees operations. Our bylaws require that its Chairman, elected each May, is an executive from a marketer, or advertising agency member company.

Policy issues are overseen by BPA’s Board and Committees in specialized areas of media and geography. For information about BPA services and costs, contact one of our regional offices, or send us your request.