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Corporate Staff

List of members with names, photos and contact info

  • President

  • Administration & Benefits

  • Auditing

  • Communications / Media Contact

  • Information Technology

  • Member Success

  • Production

  • Programmatic / BPA Media Exchange

  • Sales / Marketing

  • Sustainability

  • Technology Assurance

    • Katrina Eddy
      Katrina Eddy
      Director, BPA iCompli, Technology Assurance


Regional Staff

List of members with names, photos and contact info

  • Asia Pacific

  • Canada

    • Tim Peel
      Tim Peel
      Vice President

      1-877-30-AUDIT, ext. 1 (1-877-302-8348, ext. 1)

    • Zia Hasan
      Zia Hasan
      Manager, Audit Operations

      1-877-30-AUDIT ext. 2 (1-877-302-8348, ext. 2)

  • UK / Europe / Middle East / Africa

    • Tim Peel
      Tim Peel
      Vice President CCAB and BPA Global Development

      1-877-30-AUDIT, ext. 1 (1-877-302-8348, ext. 1)

Board of Directors

List of members with names, photos and contact info

  • Marketers

    • Deanna Pagano
      Deanna Pagano
      Head of Marketing Technology & Data Integration
      Charles Schwab
  • Advertising Agencies

    • David Adelman
      David Adelman
      OCD Media, LLC
    • David Crammond
      David Crammond
      Managing Director, Investment
      MediaCom Canada
    • Jason Abbate
      Jason Abbate
      Vice President, Client Services
      Stein IAS
    • Johanna Jarvis
      Johanna Jarvis
      Managing Partner, Director of Multichannel Media
      SSCG Media Group
    • Kevin Arsham
      Kevin Arsham
      Partner, Group Account Director
    • Kevin Fraser
      Kevin Fraser
      Head of Precision, U.S.
  • Media Owners

    • Angelina Eng
      Angelina Eng
      Vice President, Measurement & Attribution, Programmatic + Data Center
      IAB & IAB Tech Lab
    • Cheryl Ng
      Cheryl Ng
      Vice President, Programmatic
    • Joann Kropp
      Joann Kropp
      Vice President-Globabl Data Strategy & Business Development
    • Mark Yelic
      Mark Yelic
      Publisher & President
      Outdoor Group Media Ltd.
    • Matt Yorke
      Matt Yorke
      Global Chief Revenue Officer
      Foundry, an IDG Inc. Company
    • Rhonda Wunderlin
      Rhonda Wunderlin
      Senior Vice President, Performance Marketing
    • Taggart Henderson
      Tagg Henderson
      (Asst. Treasurer)
      BNP Media
    • Trevor Pease
      Trevor Pease
      Chief Operating Officer
      KHL Group

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