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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers

Event Audits

At BPA, we’re committed to supporting your brand reputation through reliable, curated data. We’re proud to be an accredited, third-party auditor of compliance to established guidelines across the global events industry.

Our event audience and exhibitor reports are used broadly by trade and consumer shows, as well as by local government subsidy programs. In China, BPA is an approved event auditor for the Shenzhen municipality. We’re also a member of IAEE and an approved auditor for UFI.

Leveraging Data

More than just an audience count, our reports can include valuable insights that support sales or exhibitors’ planning efforts including:

  • Primary attendee function
  • Job title and industry type
  • Geographic breakout
  • Event website traffic
  • Social media stats
  • E-Newsletter distribution and engagement

Recognizing the need for standardized metrics for digital events and virtual event software platforms, BPA convened a working group with other exhibition industry organizations and associations to establish reporting definitions, metrics and a certification program.

How You as an Organizer Benefit

  • Accurate data. Accurate event data helps you drive confidence, value and quality. Independent, third-party assurance delivers visitor demographics and geographic breakouts.
  • Competition. Our validation elevates your event’s transparency and credibility beyond the competition.
  • Sales. Audited data helps sales and marketing teams work with your clients and prospects to identify core target markets. This can create new revenue streams and shorten sales cycles.
  • Attendance. Validated attendance of verified visitors gives you a critical basis for exhibitor/sponsor expectations for measurement metrics in ROO/ROI calculation.
  • Insights. Venues and suppliers can plan better if you provide audited data. This creates a level playing field for industry stakeholders.
  • Community. An audit system within an association (UFI) involving venues and suppliers can rally the industry around other issues.

How Exhibitors/Sponsors Benefit

  • Budgets. You can justify your organization’s investment. Budgets can be spent more wisely through understanding audience demographics and geographic make-up.
  • Targets. Third-party data allows for effective target marketing, i.e., understanding the quality of a given audience.
  • Process. Your objectives are analyzed based on data, thus removing guesswork.

Additional event audit advantages include attracting international interest; using data to create greater planning efficiencies; leveraging support from governments; building collaboration with stakeholders; demographic analysis; and tracking potential exhibitor growth and market segments. All BPA Event Reports can be downloaded for free at the BPA Reports Library. For more information, please contact us.