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Media Audits

As a first mission, media owners must build trust with their audiences. As the marketplace delivers more digital channels, owners continue to search out strategic “reach” on multiple platforms. On the other side, media buyers and marketers desire third-party audited reports that help them evaluate, plan, and buy safely and with confidence, across communication channels. 

As the media ecosystem evolves, the need for greater transparency has only deepened. For decades, BPA’s independent media audit and “Brand Report” have delivered complete brand metrics. They’re designed to present a brand’s complete channel scope so marketers and buyers can get a reliable media audience snapshot, including total recipients.

As an added convenience, media owners can help marketers by customizing their Brand Report to provide transparency on one or all of media channels, such as:

  • Audited publication/magazine circulation
  • Website traffic 
  • E-newsletter distribution
  • Event/tradeshow/conference attendance
  • Webinar attendance
  • Downloads (whitepapers, case studies, marketing collateral)
  • Social media, including online networks and communities
  • Mobile media & apps

Verified audience data found in the report may be based on all paid subscriptions, all controlled subscriptions (the recipient does not pay for the publication, but must meet the publication’s terms of control), or any combination of paid and controlled.