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Assuring Audiences for Buyers and Sellers

Collateral & Downloads

List of tools, with descriptions and links

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    Understanding the BPA Brand Report

    We invite media buyers, media owners, and marketers to download a free copy of “Reading the BPA Brand Report.” This comprehensive guide walks you through the report table-by-table, explaining the methodology behind the data captured.

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    Leverage the BPA Logo

    In a competitive marketplace, BPA is a trusted resource. Often, the BPA logo is the first thing advertisers and buyers look for when creating media plans. We encourage you to display the BPA logo on your brand’s audited channels (print, online, live). The logo assures marketers that you’ve opened your records to transparent analysis.

    BPA offers members a full library. Logos are available in several formats to best suit your needs. Contact your BPA rep for more information.

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    House Ads

    Use our rich “house ads” library to study executions when creating your own ads. These 150+ samples were submitted for BPA’s annual contest. Your ads can support the value of a BPA membership, while reinforcing the importance of circulation-auditing to media buyers and advertisers. Contact a rep to learn more.

    Ready to use and download, we also invite you to reprint the house ads linked below in your publications, media kits, direct mail, or other promotional and educational materials. These include ads from the “Safer with BPA” campaign. There are separate house-ad versions for B-to-B publications, consumer magazines, and consumer newspapers.

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    Digital Audits

    Digital versions of B-to-B and consumer magazines can be reported as qualified circulation. Yet, they must meet BPA’s existing rules. Use this guide to better audit your digital publications.

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    Telemarketing Guidelines

    These offer media owners and telemarketing agencies suggested guidelines for the acquisition, and requalification, of “direct requests” through telephone interviews.