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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers

Media Buyer Resources

Explore a range of useful tools that can help media buyers and marketers make more informed buying decisions.

For more information about AAM’s Media Intelligence Center database and other reports, please visit

List of tools, with descriptions and links

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    Brand Compare Tool

    Compare two or more BPA-audited brands and analyze top-line metrics to ensure a more efficient and timely media buy.

    As an extension of our Reports Library, all business and magazine media members reporting audience data are automatically included in this tool. Data presented includes total average circ; paid/non-paid; request/non-request circ.; one, two, and three-year qualified circ.; market served and occupation; and unique browsers (if relevant). Export the data to Excel for quick analysis. All registered users on the BPA Worldwide website can access this tool. A step-by-step tutorial for the Brand Compare Tool is available here.

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    Reports Library

    Media buyers and marketers have free access to all BPA audience reports found in the Reports Library. Registered users can view and download current and past reports for all media members, including audited site traffic (if reported) and brands’ media kits.

    A step-by-step tutorial for the Reports Library is available here.

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    Audited Site Traffic Data

    Explore information on a member site’s activity. Search for sites by media type, market category or name. Search results can be exported to Excel. You can also view a site’s online traffic history, updated monthly. A step-by-step tutorial for the Audited Site Traffic Tool is available here.

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    B2B Educational Video Series

    Join Kevin Arsham, partner, group account director, U.S. at MediaCom, as he shares his expert insights on media planning and buying in the B2B marketplace.