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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers

Publisher Reporting Innovations

BPA-audited publishers have developed innovative ways to present audience-engagement data to agencies and marketers. You are encouraged to be as creative as you can when showcasing data. If it can be audited, you can report it.

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement Metrics

Use the BPA brand report to showcase all of your audience touchpoints to marketers. In this example, the publisher reported the “Transaction/Interaction History” of its request and non-request subscribers.

Average circulation for the 6 month period ending December 2016

High Net Worth

PORTER showcased its “High Net Worth” subscribers – those people who spent £7,500 in a single year on its shopping site – or spent more than £1,000 on their first purchase.

Social Media Channel

Social Media Engagements

Publishers often report metrics for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but don’t forget about other popular social platforms, including Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.


Shop Interaction

Another first, PORTER reported the “Shoppability” of its brand by reporting the number of digital pages viewed by the subscriber, as well as their interactions/clicks with the products shown.

PR Metrics

Public Relations

BPA verified daily reports to determine the number of articles that mentioned PORTER and broke each article down by issue and geographic location of the articles.

E-newsletter channel


Whether it’s a stand-alone or multiple editions; published daily, weekly or monthly, showcasing your e-newsletter audience is a great way to promote the reach of your brand. Brand Report

Digital Only released an all-digital report showcasing the audience for their websites, enewsletter and social media channels.

App Channel


Your audience’s app reporting includes installs, monthly downloads, pageviews, sessions, users and average session duration.

Integrated Database Analysis

Integrated Reporting

BPA’s Integrated Reports show the engagement of the total net unique individuals across all of your brand’s audience platforms, as well as the gross number of recipients within each channel.



Database audits provide valuable insight into your brand’s audience.

Event Channel

Event and Conferences

Showcase all of your face-to-face events’ audience.

Show Dailies - Print Channel

Show Dailies

Show dailies highlight the additional channels used to engage an audience at an event.

Webinar Channel


In addition to in-person events, webinars demonstrate your ability to interact with consumers online.

E-book Channel


Report cumulative downloads of your brand’s ebooks. Active ebooks are those that have one or more downloads during the reporting period.

Podcast Channel


Showcase the count of your podcasts and total downloads during the reporting period.