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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers

Publisher Support Services

BPA Worldwide offers you an array of marketing-support services to help you drive revenue. Publishers can also pass these services along to their advertisers and media buyers so they can better understand the value of audited media and make the evaluation and buying process more effective.

List of tools, with descriptions and links

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    Statement Trace

    A powerful lead-gen tool to discover who’s seen your BPA reports.

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    Brand Compare Tool

    Your marketing partners and prospects can quickly compare two or more BPA-audited titles and analyze top-line metrics to ensure a more efficient and timely media buy.

    As an extension of our Reports Library, all business and  magazine media members reporting audience data are automatically included in this tool. Data presented includes total average circ; paid/non-paid; request/non-request circ.; one, two, and three-year qualified circ.; market served and occupation; and unique browsers (if relevant). Export the data to Excel for quick analysis. All registered users on the BPA Worldwide website have free access to this tool.

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    Audited Site Traffic

    With the Audited Site Traffic tool, users can compare web-traffic data from BPA-audited sites. Export the data to Excel for quick analysis.