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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers

Video Tutorials

For new visitors, we’ve developed tutorials to help you get started using our data-analysis tools. Each page offers a summary of features, with video clips that demonstrate how they can be accessed.

List of tools, with descriptions and links

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    BPA Tools Video Tutorials

    These short videos take you step-by-step through using the free tools BPA Worldwide provides for advertisers and media buyers, including:

    • Accessing the BPA Worldwide Reports
    • BPA Worldwide Email Alerts
    • BPA Worldwide Site Traffic Tool
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    Inside the BPA Brand Report

    These short videos detail the purpose of each audience data table on the Brand Report so you can evaluate media more effectively.

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    Safe Media 101

    This set of short videos will help advertisers and media planners make more informed media investment decisions and be more awesome at your job. Click on a chapter title to get started.

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    BPA 3 Minutes – Agency/Marketer Insights

    BPA 3 Minutes videos feature keen insights from superstars at B2B agencies and in-house marketing groups.

    Reach out if you’d like to be featured in an upcoming episode.