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Assuring Audiences for Media Buyers and Sellers


Take advantage of BPA’s library of informative white papers covering diverse issues and best practices across multiple industries.

  • Why Real-Time Data Reporting Shouldn’t Preclude a Media Audit
  • Proving the Value of Audited Media to Advertisers and Media Buyers
  • Telemarketing Best Practices: Protecting the Quality of Publishers’ Databases and the Advertisers’ Investment

List of tools, with descriptions and links

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    Data Leakage and the Bidstream

    What is Data Leakage and how to prevent it in the Bidstream?

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    Tips on How Media Owners Can Cope with CASL Compliance

    Media owners are intensive users of electronic communication and at risk of committing violations under CASL. What should media owners be aware of?.

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    CASL is Not CAN-SPAM

    Learn the difference between the two and remove risk of non-compliance. A must-read for all Canadian publishers.

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    CCAB’s Rules Help Media Brand Owners Better Comply with CASL Guidelines

    In order to be compliant under CASL, media owners need to adopt new technologies and processes. An overview of what media owners should be aware of can be found here.

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    Why Real-Time Data Reporting Shouldn’t Preclude a Media Audit

    In the world of buying and selling media, programmatic processes have emerged to take advantage of technologies that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. But that doesn’t mean a third-party audit isn’t still a necessity.

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    Determining Exhibitor ROI at B-to-B Tradeshow

    BPA undertook a survey to determine the perceived value of independent event audits and how they are utilized when marketers are deciding to exhibit at any given business-to-business event.

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    Flash LSOs: Is Your Privacy at Risk?

    In response to the limitations on browser cookie usage, some website operators are turning to a widely deployed but poorly understood strategy—the use of Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO), as a harder-to-remove alternative to cookies. Learn the reasons for the use of LSOs and the risks LSOs may create from a consumer awareness and privacy perspective.

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    Protecting Brand Reputation Through Third-Party Assurance of Information System Security and Data Privacy Best Practices

    This case study is based on a BPA iCompli engagement with an S&P 500 company that contracted with iCompli for an independent analysis of practices related to data collection, processing and use. The review was performed in accordance with iCompli’s GUARDS consumer digital data privacy best practices.

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    Proving the Value of Audited Media to advertisers and media buyers

    The value of audited vs. unaudited media cannot be underestimated. Learn about the value of independent third-party assurance in the marketplace, and the great lengths media owners go to complete a successful BPA audit.

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    Smart AdServer Uses IAB Certification to Drive New Business, Increase Customer Retention and Improve Operational Efficiency

    This case study is based on the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) System Certification audit performed by iCompli. The study analyzes how the application of the IAB guidelines and principles, and the insights gained from the iCompli audit have allowed Smart AdSever to win new customers, increase customer retention and improve internal operational efficiency.

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    Telemarketing Best Practices: Protecting the Quality of Publishers’ Databases and the Advertisers’ Investment

    Why are BPA-audited publishers recording all outbound telemarketing calls? Find out in this white paper that details the why’s and how’s of this new BPA auditing rule — and demonstrates how BPA’s more rigorous controls better assure advertisers of audience data quality, integrity and transparency.

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    Gaining Competitive Advantage using a BPA Worldwide Event Audit – Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair

    The Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) has been the organiser of the Dar Es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) since 1977 and joined UFI membership in 1997. Read about the first ever audit taking place in East Africa.

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    Unexpected Benefits of the Event Audit Process Shenzhen (China) Science & Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Committee (SZSITIC) subsidy event audit

    The Shenzhen Government has created an initiative to improve the competitiveness and international credibility of Chinese event brands. They began to collaborate with BPA Worldwide, a global media and compliance auditing organization, to introduce international quality standards in measuring the number of attendees, their importance as purchasing decision makers to exhibitors and the depth of international exhibitor participation in Shenzhen.

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    Unexpected Benefits of the Event Audit Process American Thoracic Society International Conference

    The American Thoracic Society provides its exhibitors and event sponsors with an independent, third-party audit report of its verified attendance and demographic data. The ATS is auditing its data to ensure accuracy and transparency to their participating stakeholders. The decision to audit was prompted by the ATS Exhibitor Advisory Committee, a group of event stakeholders made up of exhibitors, sponsors and association members who help set show strategy and provide guidance to the organizers from the client perspective.

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    Unexpected Benefits of the Event Audit Process ITE Group, Turkey Office (EUF)

    ITE Group’s Turkey Office E Uluslararası Fuarcılık A.Ş. (EUF A.Ş.) has been operating in Turkey since 1999. EUF organizes numerous events, all of which are the first and only exhibitions in Turkey in their respective sectors. The main exhibitions organized by EUF are; OPTICS, STATIONERY & OFFICE and ANKOMAK (Construction Machinery).