Assuring Performance & Service Claims

In today’s marketplace, integrity and transparency are more important than ever to protect brand reputation. Companies are keen to assure customers and constituents that process and service claims are being performed in accordance with stated internal standards.

By undergoing an iCompli audit, organizations demonstrate their commitment to quality and transparency of data, systems and technology. The iCompli audit enhances brand credibility and provides assurance to all stakeholders.

iCompli customized engagements are performed by staff who are Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) supervised by an executive staff CPA. iCompli verifies adherence to the recommended guidelines of industry bodies and government regulations, as well as self-declared or internal policies and controls.

All iCompli audits offer the following deliverables:

  1. Audit opinion letter to be used as a public document.

  2. Management report detailing audit findings as measured against specific control objectives and activities. The report will contain recommendations and is intended for internal use.

  3. iCompli logo and press release for marketing purposes.