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Chinese lifestyle magazine appoints BPA to deliver attitude survey in London and Paris

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Shelton, CT January 20, 2016 – Global media assurance agency BPA Worldwide has been appointed by the publishers of Mint Edition, a luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at internationally mobile affluent Chinese students, young professionals and visitors outside of China, to verify and assist with the delivery of their consumer data surveys among tourists and ex-pat Chinese communities in London and Paris.

The appointment follows BPA’s conduct of a similar survey in London last year, which provided demographic, consumer preference and media engagement preference data specific to Chinese consumers visiting and living in the UK. The survey made Mint Edition the only UK and European publication with a detailed, comprehensive and independently verified distribution and Chinese readership profile. The data will be reported later this year.

Francis Stones, BPA Worldwide’s Director of European Operations, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Mint Edition on these new consumer data surveys in London and Paris.  Very few Chinese media brands take the effort to provide such transparency. Luxury magazines traditionally rely on the international reputation of their brand names to draw in advertisers, instead of quantitative reach evidence. This will continue Mint Edition’s commitment to provide assurance to both advertisers and media buyers about both the reach of the magazine and the preferences of its readers.”

Steven Bywater, Mint Edition’s Head of Marketing and Business Development added, “From day one we knew in order to make Mint Edition both stand out and be successful we had to be transparent and accountable. We are a specialized niche publication with an extremely highly sought after readership that is notoriously difficult to engage with, and even more difficult to prove. Through BPA we are able to communicate that value to a wide audience and assert of position as the UK and Europe’s leading Chinese luxury fashion and lifestyle media brand.”