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BPA announces concurrent release of consumer and newspaper audience metrics for the Middle East


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Shelton, CT April 7, 2016PMMI Media Group has contracted with global assurance provider BPA Worldwide to audit Zigma, the publisher’s client-facing dashboard that provides near real-time audience data to the marketplace. The dashboard data for Packaging World, Automation World and Healthcare Packaging will present media buyers and advertisers with brands’ full reach across all PMMI media channels, including print, web traffic, e-newsletters, social media and events.
PMMI and BPA have worked to develop the auditing and reporting protocols that combine stringent, industry-respected standards that enable timely audience data reporting that marketers are looking for.
"The two teams have worked closely together over a period of four months, stepping into unknown territory, to create a future for audience development that retains the quality of the respected audit process," explained Jim Chrzan, PMMI Media Group’s Vice President.

News of PMMI’s dashboard launch is already resonating with industry professionals. "We have a dozen clients using PMMI Media Group publications and electronic products,” said Rhona Siciliano, Vice President Media Director, Turchette Advertising in Fairfield, NJ. “We are excited to use their near real-time dashboard for day-to-day planning purposes, but equally as excited that we can provide our clients with the level of quality a BPA audit provides."

BPA’s audit will include verification of the PMMI database that will establish an initial baseline of user demographics. Thereafter, the database will be audited on a continuous basis to verify any changes that occur to the audience make-up.  An annual system certification will also be performed to document that the Zigma system collects, records, processes and reports accurately and consistently.

“This is an audit approach that enables media owners to present verified near-real time data to marketers,” said BPA President and CEO, Glenn Hansen. “With our audit process, BPA is able to support publishers that are capable of going to market with today’s data. We can provide the necessary third-party verification of that audience.”

Hansen added that auditing and reporting audience metrics at a higher frequency is not something new for BPA. “We have been doing the same thing for many years in regards to audited website traffic,” he said. “Now, as real-time reporting for other channels is making its way into the market, this audit is a way of providing assurance to media buyers and owners.”

“Most importantly,” Hansen concluded, “regardless of reporting timeframe –whether on more traditional fixed dates or near-real time – users can be assured that all audience data sets verified by BPA, regardless of channel, have been subjected to the most stringent industry established third-party audit standards media buyers and sellers have come to expect.”