AEO Accreditation

The Partnership

The partnership between BPA and the AEO was brought about to create a fairer, simpler, efficient and more cost effective approach to auditing for all AEO members. What organisers may have felt had become a cumbersome and expensive process has now become simplified with the independent verification and trust supplied by BPA Worldwide to AEO approved audit guidelines.

The audit will, at a minimum, break out visitor attendance and total attendance on a co-branded AEO/BPA certificate.

About BPA Worldwide

BPA Worldwide is a not for profit media and media owner assurance company. Working with over 2,500 clients each year including over 300 event organisers.

The Details

The audit has been approved by the AEO Council and is conducted to global event audit standards

The audit process has been designed to ensure a quick delivery of results and importantly not to tie up valuable organiser time. Within 10 working days of the exhibition data and/or ticket sales information being provided to BPA, the audit will be complete with the organiser having the certificate in their hands.