Dubai Hotel Requirements


In preparation for Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai, UAE, BPA iCompli Sustainability was commissioned in 2018 to work with the Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) to create custom sustainability requirements for the Dubai hospitality industry (including meeting spaces). These requirements are now embedded by the government in the form of an updated Hotel Classification System.

As part of the project, BPA iCompli developed 19 new sustainability requirements spanning the hotel management chain, including staff training, guest education, energy and water use, air quality, purchasing and community relations. BPA iCompli also created inspection criteria for the hotels to help them comply with these new requirements and played an integral role in the training of the inspectors.

Our work with the DTCM to assist hotels in preparing for certification will lead to more hotels reporting on their sustainable practices. With continuous process improvement, Dubai will be in a most excellent position for a sustainable Expo 2020. Hotels that provide a green guest experience will become a given under the new system.

As an ancillary benefit to preparing for Expo 2020, compliant hotels in Dubai will be holding green events and meetings now and in the future. Through the development of these requirements, we are confident that the city of Dubai will become an industry hub to provide a destination for renowned green events and trade shows.

Sustainability is an important issue in the hospitality industry, both in Dubai and around the world, and compliance with these requirements will serve as a significant competitive advantage to those organizations that adopt it.