BPA iCompli Assurance Services, announces the launch of a Sanitization and Disinfection Certification service designed to provide consumers with assurance that hospitality, meeting, event and retail venues, etc., are compliant with stated sanitization and disinfection protocols.


“Business as usual” is a thing of the past. New diseases, such as COVID-19, are creating new rules for doing business and for people’s lives in general. In addition to these new rules, we have all had to adopt new habits when it comes to personal safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the hospitality, events, meetings, exhibition, food & beverage, and retail sectors. According to a Brookings Institute study, “It is now a foregone conclusion that the global economy will slip into a recession in 2020. What we don’t know is how deep, long, and widespread the contraction in economic activity is going to be. As a result of the unprecedented sudden stop in global economic activity, 2020 is on track to witness the deepest global recession on a scale not seen since World War II.”

BPA iCompli Sanitize and Disinfection Certification offers businesses an opportunity to create trust with their guests and customers. Previously, a hotel, mall, office building, etc. only had to be clean, dusted, wiped and mopped. Moving forward, this will not be enough.

In the future, the hospitality business will require keeping and renewing sanitization and disinfection standards. Informing the public that your business is taking health issues seriously and that you have invested to protect your staff and customers is mission critical in support of the act of disinfecting itself.

The BPA iCompli Sanitize certification focuses on:

    • Organization
    • Specifications
    • Detailed procedures
    • Safety checks
    • Accountability
    • Quality materials for sanitizing
    • Disinfection process


These guidelines and procedures have been developed by a joint team of experts from the hospitality sector, the research department of Infectious Disease at the Medical School of the University of Crete and the protocol experts at BPA Worldwide.

This certification will not only be essential for business; it will become an imperative.

Complying to standards in sanitization and disinfection will allow businesses to cooperate seamlessly with the authorities to effectively assist their work, obtain liability insurance, and, above all, focus on their trade. The certification will be used to demonstrate to governments and the general public that the highest standards have been followed, and businesses have the necessary safety procedures in place to thrive.

For additional information, please reach out to Dan Schneider ( or call 1-203-447-2880.