Ad iCompli is an online advertising assurance tool which provides performance metrics for three key areas: Brand Safety, Media Quality and Compliance.


Brand Safety (Ad Verification) assures ads do not appear next to sensitive or questionable content. The full page text is scanned to check for any custom keywords or phrases. Any existing search terms can be used and applied to display. Media placements can be targeted or blocked based on the page text content.

Categorization for all websites allows users to target or block the delivery of ads based on IAB catego-ries ensuring brand safety for online advertising. Each webpage is categorized using IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) definitions.


Media Quality (Ad Delivery) scores the performance of placements and domains based on in-view, engagement and duration metrics. This allows users to observe the rated performance of all placements in the media buy at a glance.

The report provides details on the performance indicators for each domain. These metrics are matched to the media plan to provide the following analysis by placement and by domain:

% in view Ad must be shown in the browser window
Time in view % of ads on screen for 5 secs or more
Engagement Any interaction with the ad
IAB Guidelines % that meet IAB buying guidelines


Compliance (Ad Compliance) validates the actual execution outcome against the booked media plan. By importing the media plan and traffic sheet from the ad server the following metrics are provided by placement and domain as relevant:

Impressions Impressions booked vs. delivered
Geo % units delivered within the geographic region
Dates % of units delivered within the campaign dates
Effective Price Calculate the effective price and the potential overpayment made
Final Domain The ad is followed all the way to its final domain


The comprehensive dashboard provides a condensed view of key campaign performance metrics - highlighting any deviations in performance that need to be addressed. The dashboard allows you to easily view and manage the execution of your online campaigns and confirms compliance back to the media plan.