Where do I find BPA Reports?

You can download reports for all BPA media members by clicking on the red "Reports Library" button in the right-hand corner of our homepage. You will be promoted to register first, but can access the library immediately after submitting registration. There is no cost to view these reports.

The BPA Business Brand Report enables media owners to provide marketers with a report showing verified audience data and demographics across all of their media channels.

What is the cost to view BPA reports?

There is no charge to view any BPA reports. You only need to register for free by clicking on the red Reports Library tab at the top right of the page.

How do I read/use the BPA Brand Report?

Download a free copy of “Reading the BPA Brand Report,” which dissect the report paragraph by paragraph.

BPA also offers free, on-site or online training for you and your staff.

How do I arrange for on-site or online training
for me and/or my staff?

BPA offers free, on-site or online training to marketers. During each presentation, our representative will show your staff how to access the free, online services provided by BPA and explain the Brand Report paragraph-by-paragraph.

Media Owners

How do I become a BPA member?

BPA has a dedicated staff of marketing representatives who can provide you with all the information needed to become a member. You can submit a form here to have a representative contact you.

Can I view reports for current members?

Yes! Registration is free and you will receive immediate access to the Reports Library. There is no charge to view any BPA reports.

What can I report on a BPA report?

With the Brand Report, media owner members may customize their reports based on whichever independently verified channels they wish, including print, website traffic, expos and events, email newsletters, social media and more.