BPA Media Audits

BPA Media consists of independent, third-party circulation audits and magazine audit services that are performed in accordance with rules and procedures set by the BPA Board of Directors.

The BPA media audit and Brand Report are the market currency that allows marketers to more efficiently evaluate, plan and buy across multiple platforms.

BPA audits the following media channels:

Business Publications

Around the world, BPA is the preferred provider of third-party business publication audits (including print and digital editions). The BPA B-to-B media audit verifies paid, controlled, or any combination of paid and controlled circulation, and reports the data in a single Brand Report. B-to-B media owners may add additional audience channels, including face-to-face and online platforms.

The BPA Business Brand Report enables media owners to provide marketers with a report showing verified audience data and demographics across all of their media channels.

Consumer Magazines

Savvy media owners and buyers know that BPA’s consumer magazine audits adhere to the most stringent standards in the world. The BPA consumer magazine audit verifies paid, controlled, or any combination of paid and controlled circulation (including print and digital editions), and reports the data in a single Brand Report. Consumer media owners may add additional audience channels, including face-to-face and online platforms.

Daily & Community Newspapers

More than 250 daily and community newspaper brands trust BPA newspaper audits to enhance their advertising sales.

Why? BPA is the independent media auditor known and trusted by marketers around the world. BPA’s unsurpassed stringency, industry-leading commitment to full reporting disclosure, and integrity has stood the test for more than 80 years. That’s why media buyers count on BPA newspaper audience audits (including analysis of print and digital editions) for trusted, third-party verification that they are getting what they are paying for.


BPA’s database audit enables database owners to provide users with third-party assurance of the validity of the names and associated demographics being marketed. When a company purchases names from a database that is audited by BPA Worldwide, the purchaser may add these names to their mailing list as verified qualified recipients, without further testing by BPA.


A BPA e-newsletter audit provides an independently verified summary of the distribution of a media owner’s email newsletters. Metrics, which appear within the BPA Brand Report, include a statement of distribution, average email circulation for the period (net); qualified distribution by individual issues; average nonqualified distribution; and a glossary of terms. At the media owner’s option, open rates, frequency of access, and demographics may also be reported.


Independent, third-party event audits from BPA lets organizers establish credibility, build loyalty and create higher-level relationships with their exhibitors, based on the trust that comes from shared data.

A BPA event audit provides the most detailed, actionable and transparent information and is the best way for exhibitors to justify continuing to invest in an event. Event organizers can prove they connect the right buyers with the right sellers within the right context with a BPA Event Audit.

Learn how exhibitors and organizers can benefit from a BPA Event Audit.

Postal Audit

Publications that qualify for Periodical Rates enjoys considerable savings on its USPS mailing expenses compared to Standard A Rates. BPA Worldwide is authorized by the USPS to conduct initial and periodic audits for the purpose of qualifying business and consumer publications for Periodical Rates.


Why Use BPA For Your Postal Audit

Social Media

Gaining popularity as a method of showcasing new audience channels, media owners can include audited social media data on the BPA Brand Report. BPA is also working to develop more advanced audience “engagement” metrics to better serve media owners and marketers.


A BPA website traffic audit is one of the most comprehensive resources for online pre-buy decisions. Audited to a single set of industry standard metrics – page impressions, unique browsers, user sessions, unique browser frequency, user session duration and page duration – website traffic data is presented within the BPA Brand Report.