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Independent Verification Is A Competitive Advantage

BPA iCompli Certifications

BPA iCompli independent certifications are trusted around the world. Consumers reveal critical data to marketers and brand owners — data that when analyzed properly, deepens trust and protects brand credibility in a competitive, demanding marketplace.

Our work helps you and your brand ensure compliance to defined standards, providing independent verification of sustainability, technology or service claims. Custom BPA iCompli engagements are performed by our staff who are fully certified in compliance testing and analysis. We verify your adherence to recommended guidelines, standards or regulations set by governments and industry bodies, as well as to an organization’s policies and controls.

Tech Assurance

Today’s online ad mar-tech stacks want to show they’re operating openly to build trust with their buying communities.

Privacy & Data Protection

The same data-informed, next-gen technology solutions that have revolutionized other business functions are now available to you in the privacy space.


The world is thinking “green” and brands across the globe are listening.