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Privacy & Data Protection

The same data-informed, next-gen technology solutions that have revolutionized other business functions are now available to you in the privacy space. BPA iCompli Privacy & Data Protection is leading the charge.

An affordable, turnkey solution called JumpStart, BPA iCompli Privacy & Data Protection helps your business better mitigate risk, save money and time, and stay current with changing privacy regulations through a clean, simple management platform.

Powered by SafeGuard Privacy, our JumpStart assessments reveal any privacy protection gaps, and how your organization can become legally compliant. We map how you can proceed; help you draft policies and notices; hold your required documents; and provide what you’ll need to train employees—all from a single auditable platform.

We also offer solutions for compliance risks presented by your vendors. In an interdependent world of selling, collecting, and sharing data, our Vendor Compliance Hub also verifies your partner’s compliance efforts. Through our standardized compliance-and-risk score, we give you helpful information to reliably evaluate and audit vendor risk.

CASL: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance’s CASL–Guard delivers a third-party review to help your organization work with the challenging elements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, and to reduce the risks of non-compliance. For more information:

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