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BPA’s Glenn Hansen will be speaking about the importance of sustainability in the events industry, and the EIC’s updated Sustainable Event Standards, at Expo! Expo!, December 13-15 in Louisville, KY.

The 2022 EIC Sustainable Event Standards were written through a global collaborative process with participation from subject matter experts in all sectors. They provide a strong focus on guidance and metrics so that event professionals, at all stages of their sustainability journey, will have the support needed to implement and measure sustainable practices.

The journey toward certification provides organizations, destinations and professionals with a framework and transparent process to set and implement targets as well as a way to set and achieve community wide goals, drive ambition, and accelerate change. Compliance with the standards can strengthen organizations’ social responsibility and will enable them to lead and accelerate their transformation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what’s new with the Sustainable Event Standards
  • Understand Climate Action, Water, Supply Chain Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Accessibility, and Social impacts on organizations’ events
  • For newbies, learn about the first steps to be taken to achieving sustainability

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Sustainability In Action

The world is thinking “green” and brands across the globe are listening. Increasingly, firms make sustainability a priority as it directly impacts customer trust and loyalty. At the least, your stakeholders will read your sustainability/CSR report. So you need to provide the highest level of assurance that will stand up to external scrutiny. Consider a fresh perspective and renewed confidence in sustainability reports.

The BPA iCompli Sustainability Assurance division offers a research-driven, systems approach to help you make defensible decisions about your initiatives. We offer data assurance, third-party certification, and diagnostic-and-assessment services to industry sustainability standards—including the Event Industry Council’s (EIC) Apex Standards, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Data Verification: GHG Emissions, Energy, Water, Waste, and Social Metrics

We provide a comprehensive review of your greenhouse gas (GHG), energy, waste and water-data systems, as well as social metrics like diversity and community giving. We use a three-phase approach to verify data in accordance with ISO 14064-3, an international standard developed specifically for GHG-emissions verification.

BPA iCompli Sustainability provides an assurance statement. More importantly, you’ll receive a detailed report of our findings, with recommendations for how environmental and social-data collection, storage, and aggregation can be improved.

ISO Management Systems Certification: 14001 & 20121

BPA iCompli Sustainability performs certification to ISO Management Systems standards. Our process is rooted in the ISO 17021 “Conformity assessment”– Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems– adapted to meet your firm’s practical business needs. Our methodology works to verify  that your documentation is proportionate, and appropriate, to the issues involved. The requirements for procedural documentation are necessary, but this is not a “paperwork,” or “check-the-box” exercise. Your system must demonstrate continual improvement, as well as ongoing reduction, and mitigation, of negative impacts.

ISO 20121 is an international standard that helps organizations involved in events hospitality integrate sustainable practices. ISO defines sustainability in three ways:

  • Economic. Operations that are financially viable for the organization, customers, and suppliers
  • Environmental. Using fewer resources and reducing waste.
  • Social. Considering the needs and expectations of those impacted by an event or business.

For more information:

EIC: Event Industry Council Sustainable Meeting Standards Certification

BPA iCompli Sustainability is the official certification provider of the Event Industry Council’s Sustainable Event Standards. We worked with the EIC to develop certification protocols for the original APEX Environmentally Sustainable Meetings Standards in 2013, and the SES relaunch in September 2019.

For decades, we’ve provided independent auditing, and assurance, services for the events sector. We have a thorough understanding of key stakeholders, the supply chain, and material-sustainability issues facing the industry. Adoption and certification to the EIC SES will improve your risk-management strategy so suppliers, sponsors, and attendees will take notice.

Watch this short video to learn more about the EIC SES certification process with BPA iCompli Sustainability services.

For more information on the EIC:


BPA iCompli Sustainability offers expertise and tools to support your organization’s corporate disclosures to many leading frameworks, including SASB, CDP, UN SDGs, TCFD, AA1000 and GRI.

We help you integrate these frameworks into your existing public-sustainability reporting. For many companies, an advanced understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities is necessary. As environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) experts, we ensure you “get the right data, and get the data right.”

As a SASB Advisory Partner, BPA iCompli Sustainability delivers expertise and tools to support the application of Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) guidelines. We assist your organization through material assessments, industry and supply-chain benchmarking, KPI and report verification, and portfolio assessment. Our proprietary analytic tools create timely, actionable insights that improve the quality of your CSR reports, while identifying ESG risk. We help you integrate SASB with GRI, CDP, and DJSI reporting. For more information:

Materiality Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement: AA1000 Standards

We provide assurance services in accordance with the AA1000 Series of Standards. This helps you embed ethical, environmental, social, and governance accountability into your corporate-responsibility, and sustainable-development programs. Our methodology includes a comprehensive review of your organization’s public disclosure, internal reporting and board-level conversations, coupled with onsite interviews, to ask the tough questions about balanced, transparent ESG disclosure. For more information:

TCFD: Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Your organization may need a deeper understanding of climate risk and opportunities. BPA iCompli Sustainability Assurance can support a complete, accurate, and relevant response to the Financial Stability Board’s recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). BPA evaluates your current disclosures, annual reports, and other relevant financial documents. We then analyze that information for alignment with TCFD recommendations. We then recommend how you can incorporate TCFD criteria, and improve the quality of your climate-related disclosures.

Professional Associations: Custom Standards

Developing industry standards demands experience and a precise skill set. BPA iCompli Sustainability helps organizations and associations develop certification programs, and both industry and organizational standards. These programs can generate revenue for your business, while helping you and your member companies improve performance.

For the Experiential Designer & Exhibitor Association (EDPA), we developed a verification protocol, and performance certifications, for the proprietary Request for Proposal Certification Program. BPA iCompli Sustainability is also the certification body for the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS), based on the Singapore Tourism Board’s Sustainability Guidelines for the Singapore MICE Industry.

In preparation for Expo 2020 in Dubai, two years earlier BPA’s iCompli Sustainability Assurance, and BPA iCompli Event Audits team, were commissioned to work with the Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM). In part, we created custom sustainability requirements for the Dubai hospitality industry (including meeting spaces). The government made the guidelines permanent within an updated “hotel classification system.” For more information:


Now a competitive advantage, show your commitment to social responsibility in all your business practices by holding your firm accountable to audiences, stakeholders, and consumers. Set your brand apart by adhering to global sustainability standards, and being mindful of your organization’s impact–both locally and globally. BPA’s iCompli Sustainability Assurance services deliver independent, third-party certification across a diverse range of business scenarios.

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