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Sustainable Event Certification

Sustainable Event Certification

The events industry helps shape organizations, conversations and society. Events are a critical piece to driving successful business outcomes and the communities they serve.

Rising to the Challenge

Today, the events industry must rise to the challenge of attaining sustainable practices by elevating the conversation and ultimately reducing the impact events and meetings have on our planet.

Yet most businesses do not know where to start or how to navigate the challenge of moving the vision of sustainability from the drawing board to the board room.

At BPA iCompli, we have been providing independent certification and assurance services for the events sector for decades, and have a deep understanding of the key stakeholders, the supply chain, and the material sustainability issues facing the industry. Sustainability for events means organizers and exhibitors taking action to preserve the natural environment; promote a healthy, inclusive society; and support a thriving economy.

Our data-driven approach and ongoing support — from the start of the engagement to its successful completion — provides you with the validation and road map needed to realize your organization’s full sustainability vision.

Independent Certification to the Events Industry Council (EIC)
Sustainable Event Standards (SES)

For the events and exhibitions industry, BPA iCompli Sustainability is the official certification provider of the Event Industry Council’s (EIC) Sustainable Event Standards (SES). We worked with the EIC to develop certification protocols for the original APEX Environmentally Sustainable Meetings Standards in 2013, and again in September 2019, resulting in new standards released in July 2022.

Adoption and certification to the EIC SES will improve your organization’s risk management strategy — and suppliers, sponsors and attendees will take notice.

How Do Organizations Achieve Certification to the EIC’s
Sustainable Event Standards?

The process for obtaining the EIC’s Sustainable Event Standards can be completed in four phases, which can be undertaken in parallel or in sequence. The steps include:

  • Adoption of the Sustainable Event Principles
  • Completion of the Foundations Level Certificate Program
  • Completion of the Sector Specific Requirements
  • Completion of the Innovation and Exemplary Performance Optional Criteria

To learn more about the EIC Sustainable Event Standards or start your organization’s journey toward event sustainability, contact Dan Schneider at 203-447-2820.