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Tech Assurance

Today’s online ad mar-tech stacks need to build trust with their buying communities. And they wish to show they’re operating openly.

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance staff members are Certified Information System Auditors (CISA), supervised by an executive staff CPA.

We support your compliance to recommended guidelines, standards or regulations set by governments and industry bodies, as well as to an organization’s policies and controls. Through this mechanism, your firm can reassure stakeholders through a commitment to quality, transparent data, systems, and technology. Deliverables include:

  • An opinion letter that can be used as a public document.
  • A management report detailing audit findings as measured against control objectives and activities. Recommendations are intended for internal use.
  • The BPA iCompli Tech Assurance logo and press release for marketing purposes.

TAG: Trustworthy Accountability Group

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance provides you and your brand with independent compliance verification to the TAG certification programs for fraud, malware, piracy, and inventory-quality guidelines. TAG certifications indicate you are actively confronting fraudulent and criminal activity in the digital-advertising marketplace. For more information:

IAB: Interactive Advertising Bureau

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance ensures your organization’s compliance to IAB guidelines, including digital ad serving, video ad serving, and ad viewability, along with additional systems certification beyond IAB requirements. Added benchmarks include-software development cycle, access control, and disaster-recovery/business-continuity review. For more information:

IAB Tech Lab

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) developed global standards for measuring online ads as they are delivered to consumers. A BPA iCompli certification lets buyers know you’re a trusted marketing partner, doing your part to combat fraud, and promote brand safety, by complying with IAB guidelines. These include ad campaigns, ad impressions, digital video, mobile app, mobile web, rich media, data, invalid traffic, and viewable impressions. For more information:

EDAA: European Interactive Digital Advertising

To enhance transparency and user control for online behavioral advertising, leading European bodies developed this industry-wide, self-regulatory initiative that introduced pan-European standards. This type of advertising supports the content, services, and applications that Internet users can enjoy at little or no cost. The initiative is based on IAB Europe’s OBA Framework, and EASA’s BPR on OBA. For more information:

Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE)

Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE) is a set of standards and common language that allows digital event platforms (DEPs) to help event and meeting organizers accurately and efficiently analyze audience metrics via standardized terms and data; provide exhibitors with the data they need to create success through digital events; and facilitate productive collaboration between all parties to make smart marketing decisions within the digital events space.

Certified DEPs can provide visitor and exhibitor metrics that have been pre-validated by BPA to satisfy independent audit requirements. For more information:

DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising)

Projected to be a serious contender to traditional outdoor ad spending, DOOH is the largest growing segment of the digital ad marketplace.

Facing similar challenges as other digital platforms, the DOOH industry must consider the “uptime” of the digital network (location and device), and the validation that ads have played on the correct device, and correct schedule. BPA’s DOOH System Certification (a part of BPA iCompli Tech Assurance) thoroughly reviews your organization’s ad-serving architecture.

Our oversight can bring a higher level of transparency to conversations between you and your out-of-home advertisers. We can help ensure that your system is in compliance with the leading digital-advertising standards by focusing on:

  • Platform architecture
  • Device (unit) installation
  • Inventory management
  • Advertising delivery process
  • Impression/Click measurement
  • Invalid traffic filtering
  • Reporting
  • System monitoring
  • Documentation standards; disclosures; definitions

POCMA Standards Certification

POCMA (Point of Care Marketing Association) advocates for the effective use of the point-of-care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes. POCMA sets guidelines for ethical business conduct to support business standards and practices that help ensure a professional approach to consumers.

BPA iCompli certification verifies POCMA organizations adhere to these ethical standards via an independent review of their technology processes and procedures. For more information:

COUNTER: Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance verifies your compliance with COUNTER’s codes of practice, an international set of standards and protocols governing the recording and exchange of online usage data. For more information:

Audiensure: Audience & Campaign Dashboard Certification

Today’s media buyers need qualified, engaged, targeted audiences. In response, media owners and event organizers are building robust audience profiles using demographic, contextual, and behavioral information based on a foundation of first-party data.

BPA’s Audiensure certification sits at the forefront of this shift, providing expanded data, audience and campaign assurance services to support dynamic audience development, data management, and reporting solutions.


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