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Programmatic / Media Exchange

The digital world can feel chaotic—to some, it’s a 2lst-century “wild west.” Online environments are often the furthest thing from transparent. They’re anonymous and private, while business transactions in every category happen quickly.

In a publishing context, technology isn’t an obvious fix. When marketing data and information is misleading or incomplete, media brands and advertisers suffer.

Why “programmatic”?

BPA recognized the challenges in the digital marketplace and answered the call. Through our BPA Media Exchange, for specialty publishers, we built an environment to close these gaps. At the least, we provide ease of use, coupled with quality, brand safety, and a level of verification that marketers demand and expect. This solution helps publishers compete and thrive through a variable-cost model with no upfront capital expense.

BPA’s origins are in print. Yet we continue to evolve to seamlessly connect media buyers and sellers. As a trusted, third-party voice ensuring quality standards, we deliver a powerful “seal of approval” in the ever-shifting digital realm.