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Media Exchange: Sellers

BPA Worldwide launched the BPA Media Exchange to help you deploy digital media solutions in a constantly changing market. The Media Exchange connects quality marketers with your brand-safe, audited inventory and sites with tangible benefits:

Activate Digital Media Buys

  • Recapture budgets lost to other media.
  • Respond to your advertisers’ new digital buying models.
  • Leverage enhanced targeting capabilities.
  • Get exposure to new advertisers.

Scale First-Party Data

  • Understand your audience to increase inventory value.
  • Get expanded scale of relevant users.
  • Activate ad targeting for your owned-and-operated sites and off-portfolio.
  • Use your company data for account-based marketing (ABM).

Why participate?

We’ve built our reputation ensuring quality standards for marketers and publishers like you. By verifying compliance with industry standards, BPA protects a healthy digital economy. We also work directly with you, providing education from industry experts, to help you create a sophisticated sales-strategy road map.