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We can help you solve for risk

How It Works for Sellers

The BPA Media Exchange delivers access from major trading desks, DSPs and brands, as well as guaranteed inventory sold by publishers. A data cooperative featuring scale and enhanced insights, this innovative platform offers diversified demand sources across a variety of screens and channels.

You’ll benefit from a safe, curated, digital space in which to conduct business. Publisher benefits are many:

  • Tap the potential to increase digital ad revenue.
  • Access programmatic buyers directly.
  • Leverage industry-specific content through 18 B2B industry verticals.
  • Achieve audience scale to attract top advertisers/agencies.

Why participate?

BPA is trusted to protect quality media standards. Likewise, to drive our members’ digital success, we make sure members follow accepted industry standards, providing media buyers with a pool of audited media inventory that is “brand safe,” and sure to reach target audiences. As a start, publishers can do business with direct advertisers to create a more efficient process using the Media Exchange’s automation. You can also allow the supply-side platform (SSP) to monetize your unsold inventory—i.e., any ad impressions not monetized via your direct-sales efforts.

Ease and simplicity

Our commitment is helping publishers meet ongoing tech changes, as you work to navigate a complex digital landscape. Publisher-members can onboard into the BPA Media Exchange with no upfront capital to leverage BPA’s knowledge and resources.